International Grading Cert.

UCMAS program offers international Grading and Certification, which ensures similar standards are maintained in all the countries.

Research & Development

Thousands of R&D professors in China and Japan are working on this project and towards improvement and better understanding of this ancient art.

UCMAS Certified Program

UCMAS is the only program approved and certified by the two major Mental Arithmetic and Abacus Institutes of the world namely Chinese Utility Abacus Research Society (Taiwan) and Taiwan Mental Arithmetic Association.

Mental Arithmetic

UCMAS Mental Arithmetic-India now has several hundred centers with several thousands of students all over India in a short time span.

Transferred Flexibility

Students when needed may be transferred from one center to another anywhere within country.

Trained Course Instructors

UCMAS Course Instructors are competent, trained and certified.

State Level Competition

UCMAS conducts State/National Level Competition every year facilitating students to complete at respective levels.

Excellent Course Material

UCMAS provides a well-researched, updated and excellent course material to its students.