Franchisee Proposal

Franchisee Opportunities

UCMAS offers an excellent business opportunity for all dynamic young men and women of India. A minimal investment of resources and time is the only criterion.

A fantastic business opportunity awaits you where no prior experience in any field is necessary. All that is needed is the ability to manage, administer and market lifetime skills for children so as to develop them into worthy citizens of tomorrow.

The CBS Education Private Limited is a UCMAS Master Franchisee for Mumbai Region. We will give you all the necessary guidance and support to initiate this wonderful and exciting business opportunity. Once approved and registered as a business associate/franchisee you will receive intensive counseling on this novel concept.

UCMAS will provide brand name, logo, course contents, examination material and monitoring systems. U C MAS will also arrange for examinations annually and issue certificates of international repute. This will be in addition to our professional support in administrative, technical and marketing functions.

  • All those interested in setting up centers with minimum investment and good returns.
  • This opportunity is for those who love marketing, are interested in big business and want to be entrepreneurs.
  • All those with entrepreneurial skill, achievement orientation, ability to manage administration, operation and marketing in local areas, love for children, benefit of participating in a wonderful and pioneering effort in developing the youth of tomorrow.
  • All those who can deliver quality education to young children in the age group of 4-13 years and maintain high standards set forth by the Master Franchisee.
  • Employment will be challenging, rewarding both mentally and financially and helping you to chalk out a remarkable career with great growth potential for you and others with you.
  • This opportunity is for those who want to reach out to homes and help the parents develop their children in to geniuses.

For Franchisee

Details of Financial Commitment and Guidelines:
  • UCMAS Franchisee FEE is Non Refundable for an initial agreement of 3 yrs which will be renewed after successful completion of this period. The renewal amount will be 50% of the franchisee fee.
  • As a franchisee you must have at least one Course Instructor selected by you to be sent for training .The training cost is normally borne by the Course Instructor or you may pay the same and then recover the amount from such Course Instructor. The Course Instructor has to pay a fee of Rs. 14,000/- + GST.
  • A Course Instructor will have to sign an agreement with us and will work under your guidance and control.
  • Fulfilling above you can start a center (area app. 225 sq ft) where you can have two class-rooms and a small office for inquiry. The space will be inspected by us for proper scrutiny according to our specification.
  • You will be allotted the Franchisee for a particular area/venue where the classes will be conducted.
  • You will be working under our guidance and follow all the norms laid down in the Franchisee agreement by CBS EDUCATION PVT LTD.
Marketing and Awareness
  • Marketing guidance in all respects will be provided by us to start the U C MAS program in your area.
  • We will help you with planned activities and guide you for Presentation and Demonstration to be held in Schools and with Parents and Children.

The cost of Demonstration /Presentation from the CBS Head office, Mumbai will be entirely borne by the respective Franchisee. Please feel free to communicate with us for information, We shall be glad to help you in taking a favorable decision in your favor.