UCMAS- World’s Leading Abacus and Mental Arithmetic Company

UCMAS is a unique and scientifically-proven mental development programme designed for children to develop their latent mental power at a very early age when brain development is reaching its peak.

It is the UC International Corporation’s pioneer program and has enjoyed the most success to date. Along with innovative syllabus and modern educational techniques, whereby junior learners’ practice with an age-old tool (the abacus), the learning process not only stimulates the brain, but also trains their ability to independently perform mental calculation in their head.

UCMAS has been recognised worldwide for its proven results – with the most obvious being the learners’ fantastic mental arithmetic ability and speedy calculation after undergoing the mental arithmetic programme. Mental arithmetic compromises arithmetic calculation regardless of the complexity, using only the brain. What initially seems impossible becomes a reality with UCMAS!

Adapted by UC International Headquarters’ founder Professor Dr. Dino Wong, the abacus is the humble and an ancient arithmetic tool used to hone and sharpen learners’ mental abilities. Combined with today’s education techniques, our potent UCMAS program is recognised worldwide with proven results- the most obvious being the learners’ fantastic mental arithmetic ability.

The UCMAS International Headquarters founded in 1993 by Dr. Dino Wong, who recognised the benefits of the abacus and how the ancient instrument can be utilised further in modern times to develop young minds to think and perform faster than the average rate.

From our humble beginnings in 1993, UCMAS has proven time and again that it is the pioneer in mental development programmes for children. From our first centre established in Malaysia, we have expanded our ideas of a better tomorrow for young children by stretching our ideas and concepts to every corner of the globe.

With over 2 decades of experience and ever-improving knowledge and innovations, UCMAS has established its global franchise brand to 5 continents covering more than 80 countries. UCMAS has about 5,000 centres worldwide and has helped over one million children around the world up-to-date.

UCMAS is a member of the prestigious UC International Corporation. Our years of outstanding achievements in the mental development field have brought UCMAS new-found partnerships. UCMAS collaborates with The Chinese Zhusuan Association (CZA) from China and also with the Global Abacus and Mental Arithmetic Association (GAMA) to cater newer and much improved scientifically – proven methodologies in the mental development field.

Apart from the numerous and prestigious awards received over the years, UCMAS was also awarded as the first organisation in the mental arithmetic industry to achieve the ISO 9001:2000 certification.

UCMAS is a truly global company. We have centres in more than 80 countries of the world with 6000 plus centres and 2 million students. In India we have almost 2200 centres with presence in almost all he states of the country.

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